Lincoln Laser Skincare

Skin consultation

At Lincoln Laser Skincare, we offer an in-depth consultation to help identify your skin concerns and aid in formulating a personalised treatment plan. These can incorporate both in-clinic procedures and /or home skincare regimes.

skin consultation The significance of assessing the client and preparing them prior to treatment should not be underestimated. Education and client compliance are key factors in helping to achieve successful results. We will assess each client holistically to ascertain which treatments will provide the most successful results and you will be provided with extensive information to enable you to be involved in creating your own personalised plan of care.

Because presenting skin complaints can vary so widely from person to person, we price many treatments on an individual basis depending on the type and extent of your skin problem. You will be given an accurate costing for your recommended treatment at the time of consultation.

As part of the consultation process we often use the revolutionary UV skin scanner, the ultimate tool for skin diagnosis. The woods lamp UV skin scanner incorporates ultraviolet light, which shows imperfections such as sun damage, uneven texture, thinning or dry skin, congestion and surface debris, all of which indicate the health of the skin.

The skin scanner helps us to recommend the perfect treatments and products that can repair, correct or remedy current and future skin issues. How you take care for your skin today will have a lot to do with how it looks in the future.