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Our lasers

At Lincoln Laser Skincare we are equipped with leading edge technology to deliver the safest and most effective cosmetic laser techniques available. Our range of lasers and light based systems cover a variety of skin types and treatments and enable us to tailor treatments to suit your skin exactly.

lasers in treatment room Our equipment is maintained to ensure that optimum health and safety standards are always met, plus we are committed to keeping up to date with new, cutting edge technologies to ensure the best results for our clients.

The Asclepion TattooStar

tattoo removals

Tattoo Star from Asclepion TattooStar R, from Asclepion, is extremely effective in removing tattoos and accidental injuries: thanks to selective removal, the beam penetrates the skin and reaches the ink particles anchored in the skin.

The pigments absorb the light energy and are fragmented. Once destroyed, they are absorbed by the lymphatic system and eliminated.

The treatment is quick, almost bloodless, and highly effective, without causing injury or leaving scars. Find out more about our Tattoo Removal Treatments.

Treatment of benign pigmented lesions
The high power, optimized by the homogeneous hexagonal spot, allows for removing natural pigmented lesions quickly and effectively, without damaging the surrounding tissue. The melanin pigments contained in the skin absorb the pulses selectively. These are pulverized by the laser energy and eliminated naturally by the lymphatic system. TattooStar R removes lentigines, café au lait spots and Ota’s nevi.

Removal of permanent make-up
Permanent makeup is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, as with tattoos we will also witness a growing demand for corrective and removal intervention in this field as well. Technically, the removal of permanent makeup is very similar to the removal of tattoos, hence TattooStar R also represents the ideal solution for this type of operation: quick, precise, effective treatment with minimal side effects.