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Warts and Verrucas

Warts and verrucas are viral infections of the skin, usually taking the form of small hard nodules. These are actually clusters of your own skin cells which have been infected and transformed by the virus.

Many people will develop an immune suppression to their warts or verrucas and spontaneous remission will occur within 2-5 years. Because most infections are self-limiting, simply waiting will eventually work for most people. However, this may take many years and if your warts or verrucas are unsightly, painful or you are concerned about them spreading then laser treatment is an effective method of dealing with them.

At Lincoln Laser Skincare we can treat stubborn warts and verrucas successfully using our Nlite-v pulsed dye laser. This works by destroying the infected material at the centre of the lesion; the laser energy penetrates the lesion, heats up and seals the blood supply so that the wart or verruca cannot survive.

Find out more about warts and verrucas and what is involved in the treatment by downloading our Warts and Verrucas Information Pack (PDF 1.5mb)

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