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Rosacea can begin with a “blush” or redness that, progresses from intermittent to constant. This “blush” or general redness may be followed by distinct or individually recognized larger blood vessels. This is stimulated by stress, heat, alcohol, spicy foods, etc.

Rosacea before and after

Although the exact cause of Rosacea is not known, these stimuli are believed to produce dilation or widening of the blood vessels. An increased amount of blood or blood vessels produces the increased red color. The natural course of Rosacea may include episodes of improvement and worsening. Obviously patients with Rosacea should attempt to avoid any conditions or substances that may cause their condition to flare or worsen.

At Lincoln Laser Skincare we use a combination of treatments to help improve the appearance of Rosacea. The Lumina IPL system is used to treat the facial vessels which cause the “blushing” effect and we also use the NLite-V laser to reduce any acne type rashes that commonly accompany the redness in individuals with Rosacea.

Find out more about rosacea and what is involved in the treatment by downloading our Rosacea Information Pack (PDF 1.5mb)

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