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Pigmentation problems

There are several types of skin pigmentation that can be treated by laser/IPL therapy whilst other types of pigmentation can only be treated with non-laser methods. In view of this, we will need to see your pigmentation problem in order to assess which type of treatment is suitable for you.

Pigmentation problems before and after

Some types of pigmentation can be treated through the use of topical skin preparations and we have several medical grade products which can aid in effectively restoring an even colouring to the skin.

At Lincoln Laser Skincare Ltd. we use the Lynton Lumina Intense Pulsed Light System for the removal of superficial pigmentation problems. This state-of-the-art IPL system has been developed by Lynton Lasers Ltd. using the latest medical laser technologies. It is suitable for use with superficial pigmentation caused by prolonged sun exposure such as solar lentigines(sun/age spots) and freckles and is particularly useful for reducing these problems on the face, neck, décolleté and hands.

Find out more about pigmentation problemsand what is involved in the treatment by downloading our Pigmentation Problems Information Pack (PDF 1.5mb)

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