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Dermadart Electronic Skin Needling

About the procedure

The Dermadart is an electronic medical needling device that allows practitioners more flexibility when it comes to depth and speed of treatment for collagen stimulation.

Dermadart changes micro-needling forever. Many other automatic microneedle devices are based upon semi-permanent make up or motorized tattoo machines. Dermadart is different, it has been designed from scratch to allow glidable safe and precise micro-needling procedures without appreciable ‘micro-tearing’. It can be used for many skin complaints such as acne scarring, stretch marks & scar re-modelling and other general skin rejuvenation.



The needles are medical grade stainless steel and fully ISO certified. Dermadart is unique in having an ultra low duty cycle as low as 1%. This means the needles are in the skin 1% of the time and out the skin 99% of the time, meaning you can slide without dragging. Other motor driven devices have a 50% duty cycle and have needles in the skin 50% of the time.

This benefits the patient by making the treatment time quicker and less painful. The clinical end point we look for as professional practitioners is achieved quicker.

  • No motors. 100% electromagnet drive system (only one on market)
  • Safe to glide
  • No dragging on skin
  • Adjustable speed, burst rate and needling length (0.2mm to 2.0mm)
  • Fully certified CE-marked medical device
  • The Dermadart needle represent quality medical device engineering
  • Sterile medical grade stainless steel needles
  • Needles always return to a safe position when off
  • Gamma safe materials-assembled in ISO clean room
Mmore about Dermadart
  • Fully glidable. No dragging. No micro-tearing.
  • No motors. Uses Electromagnets.
  • Adjustable speed & needle length.
  • Digitally controlled Continuous and Burst modes.
  • 0.2mm to 2.0mm with one needle cartridge. Allows us to be more specific with treatment. We can perform mesotherapy (small superficial skin needling which allows us to introduce serums and active ingredients into the skin) as well as more aggressive and deeper scarring treatments and skin rejuvenation.
  • Super high-power to punch skin with 12 needles.
  • Super fast. Needles insert/exit in milliseconds.
  • Unique safety. 100% "Safe-Return" needle design.
  • Patent-pending. Registered Design.
  • CE-Marked. Designed in UK. ISO 13485 certified.
  • For use by Doctors and Registered Professionals Only

Prices start from £80 for small areas and £250 for a full face treatment for acne scarring and rejuvenation treatment. For mesotherapy treatment full face £150, half face £100.

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